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Welcome to North West Angling Centre

FREE POSTAGE now available on all fishing tackle orders over £50

Here at our headquarters we have massive stocks of fishing tackle of all the top brands. If you cannot see the items you require you can email us at or call 01942 255993 and we will be happy to help you with yor order.


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Almost the perfect score and only loses a mark for the numerous stairs. A quirky building given a new lease of life with superb attention to detail and the addition of friendly staff means this is one of my favourite visits… ever!

First impressions? 10/10

Turning into Chapel Street, I was intrigued by the imposing church building immediately in front of me, complete with 19th-century gravestones, which is now a prominent fishing tackle outlet. It looked great, was well signed and easy to find.

Step inside? 10/10

I didn’t know where to look first, it was so impressive! I was instantly greeted by a cheerful chap who asked if I needed help but, in truth, I was in awe of the building and hardly noticed anything aside from high ceilings, fantastic beams and light flooding in from huge windows.

Stay clean? 10/10

Considering this was once a place of worship, full of nooks, crannies, balconies and basements, it was remarkably tidy and very well laid out.

Show it off? 10/10

A galleried landing formed a fantastic centrepiece from which a spray of poles and rods was immediately impressive. On the main shop floor, everything was arranged in easy-to-spot sections, it was all tidy and the rooms off were also well maintained... the ‘crypt’ downstairs did have an unusual smell but maybe I imagined it as I looked up at the gravestones outside!

Help me? 10/10

If I could score higher than full marks here, I would. While on the gallery, I was pleasantly accosted by yet another member of staff who asked if I needed anything. I suggested that I was looking for a particular item, so he leaned over the balcony and organised another team member to meet me at the foot of the stairs and escort me across to the products. He then remained in attendance as I pondered…

Know your stuff? 10/10

When discussing the potential purchase, both staff knew the fishing tackle and alternatives inside out.

Pushy or pleasing? 10/10

These guys were good and knew that they had no need to push me into making my purchase. I was only gently advised at all times, no pressure tactics applied, so I made the purchase in my own time.

Do I need this? 10/10

Although I was prepared to spend £200, I was offered a viable alternative that was much less expensive and would do the job just as well. I can’t credit the staff highly enough for their professionalism.

Family friendly? 9/10

A number of stairs meant that this shop would not be accessible to all, but adequate car parking and a vast array of fishing tackle to suit all budgets coupled with excellent staff made this a shop for all.

What’s happening and where?10/10

At the counter, as I paid, two staff were on hand to help pack my purchases and exchange pleasantries. I asked both about places to fish and got a mass of information including club recommendations, local rivers and commercial venues in addition to day-ticket and syndicate waters. Brilliant.